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In this short presentation we see the necessity of holding fast to the Word of God. Holdfast #2 shows us the lessons from the vine and branches that will help us obey the injunction of the Lord; “Ye Must Be Born Again!”

The Holdfast is the root system of the  kelp plant that keeps it anchored to the sea floor. These kelp forests are an incredibly important part of the ecosystem of our oceanic world. Learn here the spiritual lessons from these incredible holdfasts that will help you draw strength for your pilgrim walk.

The Christians Attitude Toward Satan not only shows us how we are to look at Satan, but it also teaches us many of his artful plans to destroy the faithful christian. You will also learn what Grace really does for you.

The Scriptures is the only safeguard against the wiles of the Devil; these old Bible Stories are replete with lessons for us today- upon whom the end of the world is come. Learn the Lesson of the Rechabites and why God told His prophet -Jeramiah to do what he did to this family.

The Bible is replete with Bible Stories that were “written for our admonition, upon whom the ends of the world are come.” History repeats itself and only those that take the time to understand history will be able to prepare for the future. We hope that you learn well the lessons presented in this study.

Have you ever been confused about why “The Man of God” suffered the fate that he did? Listen, and hear the clues within this story that show us why he was so easily turned away from following the Word of the Lord.

The Life of Enoch is an example for each one of us today, because Enoch represents those who will go to heaven on the last great day, this group is called the 144,000.  How do we prepare for heaven? Enoch is our teacher !

History is being repeated before our very eyes. Learn how this simple children story is an example for every Christian today. The cry is heard “Doom is Near,” do we have anything to be concerned about today?

Reviewing an old story with up to date insights for each one of us.

The controversy of the 2520 is leaving many confused, disoriented, and embittered as their Churches reject the 2520 and threaten excommunication if their members accept this the message of the 2520. Why such hatred for a number??? The next 15 minutes will show you !

Every single soul has a decision to make, every single man and woman is responsible to answer the call for himself, for neither pastor, priest, father, mother, or other person will stand for us in the judgment. It is an individual matter, a personal matter between you and God. Will you answer the Call? Or will you still be still making excuses?

This introductry study will help all to see the simplicity in the prophetic books of  Daniel & Revelation. Revealing how John the revelator unlocks the mystery that Daniel was never able to fully see.


Are you willing to “Follow Jesus” where He leads, or are you following a “Church” a “Pastor” a “Tradition” or a “Creed.” Jesus says; “I am the way the truth and the life.”

“Pantheism – The First Lie” Is the Pantheism of 1903 still alive and well today? Dr. J. H. Kellogg in his book “The Living Temple” taught pantheism, and that pantheism is still very strong in christianity today. Learn in what ways it is as well as what the omega of apostasy is.

Architecture plays a major role in our world today, but is there more to it, especially in our “Churches”? Speaker Mike Robanske presents to us the symbolism placed in our churches and how we are inviting not only Babylon into the “Churches” but into ourselves. Have we as “professed Christians” joined “Pagan Religions” by the placing of symbols, and following the Pagan rites in the construction of “Churches”? The message of the fall of Babylon, as given by the second angel, is again given, with the addition of the corruptions which have been entering the churches. The work of this angel comes in at the right time, and joins in the last great work of the third angel’s message, as it “swells into a loud cry.” Jesus says, “Come out of Her that ye be not partaker of Her Plagues.” (A Woman in prophecy is a representative of a Church)

Follow the lives of two men, and see how they were so nearly the same, though separated by continents. Then learn how their lives diverged, not only for life but for eternity. Why should I be interested in the lives of two men that lived a long time ago? Because the lives of these two men have effected all of our lives even though they lived nearly 400 years ago. Prepare to be shocked, at the documentation presented, that has affected you, if you have ever gone to a church.
Note: We did not realize the meaning of the word “Legend” when choosing originally the title of this video. When it was brought to our attention we checked, and have now changed the word “legend” to “Battle,” the video content remains the same.

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND — Speaker; Melonie Robanske gives us a fresh look at the Seven Seals and the Four Horses of Revelation 6. This study is based upon the Bible, does away with a lot of traditions, which is not always easy to accept, but we must learn to stand on the Word of God no matter what the Church or the educated preacher, think is truth. Remember the majority have never been right, in other words if the majority believe it most likely it’s wrong. Open your Bible follow along, then read and test, to show yourself approved unto God.

3 Parts — Music Seminar– “How to tell the difference between Heavenly and Satanic Music.” In this seminar you will learn how to “Prove what is acceptable unto the Lord” in the field of music. We have been presenting this seminar since 1993, though through the years it has seen many updates, and improvements. Music has a special effect on each of us, and definitely is a salvational issue, because of the permanent effect it has on character.

“Only Believe” is taught today from most of the Christian churches, yet this doctrine of “Faith Alone” is a dangerous error, that will lead many to a loss of the Heavenly Home. This video will expose the error of “Faith without Works”, and establish a firm Bible stand of “Faith that Works”.

Have you ever wondered what Revelation 17:10 means in Bible prophecy? This Sermon Teaches the same truth taught by those who lived through the 1844 movement. “And there are seven kings: five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come” Apostate Protestantism is shown to be that last day power to persecute God’s Remnant, “The Called Out” Matthew 25

Word verses thought Inspiration explained. Was the Writings of E.G. White changed or manipulated? Did those in the Seventh Day Adventist while she was alive attempt to discredit her writings? Did they believe the testimonies? There was a committee of five put together to make changes to her work in 1883, with her own son as a major part of changing the prophets work.

Just what is Justification and Sanctification and what do they have to do to me? How does Justification and Sanctification work in my life? Both are clearly explained in this short study.

What is the Church to the Christian? Who and what is the Church? Is the Seventh Day Adventist Denomination following the original plan of God as a Church, according to Ellen G. White?

Lessons from the sheep about the Jesus Christ our Savior. Rancher Mark Robanske brings a practical application of the sheep for the Christian.

The Sanctuary service presented like nothing you have ever seen before. Walking through the Sanctuary to see where we are to be at today, and what happens if we are spiritually in the wrong place.

Jeremiah 36 Repeated is a study explaining how the Word of God will be changed and even burned by the leaders of the churches. But God will preserve His Word.