About Us

Who are we?
We are simply a small family who sees the need of the people at large, to find the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

What church are we part of?
We belong to no church organization, but when asked what we call ourselves, we are “Second Advent Sabbatarians” for that explains the meaning of our faith. We believe in the soon coming, the Second Advent, of Jesus Christ. We also believe in the importance of keeping the Seventh Day Sabbath as instructed in the law of God, from the beginning of time.

Do we charge for the published materials?
Testimony Press Publications does not charge for any publication, including the shipping costs. All publications are FREE to any who ask. So then how can we afford to do that? Are the owners of Testimony Press Independently rich? No, we are what would be considered low income working class. The publication of materials from Testimony Press Publications is solely supported by the few who want to continue to make materials available as well as the construction work of the owners.

What do we believe?
We believe the KJV Bible as the sole rule of our faith, and that it should become the guiding principles in our life. We believe in the “Spirit of Prophecy” as given by God to Ellen. G. White, because the “Spirit of Prophecy” is the magnifying glass of the Bible, during  these last days of earths history. We believe that the “protest” of “Protestantism” will NOT be over until the probation of man has closed. Therefore we bring to you the publications in this web site and our companion web site Hoehn Research Library.