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All of the Music on this page is finally able to be downloaded, at no cost, and is free to all. We request that it is never to be sold. If you would like a CD please contact us and we will send one at no cost to you.

Music Effect:

The fact “that certain kinds of music are very destructive is not new. As early as 2500 years before Christ, observations of the effects of music on the composite of mind, body and emotion were written on papyri by the Egyptians. Pythagoras established that music was an exact science which exercised a profound effect on the senses and emotions Plato understood the destructive qualities of certain kinds of music. In the Republic he states that “the introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole State; since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions…. Aristotle likewise understood the destructiveness of certain kinds of music. He states that “emotions of any kind are produced by melody and rhythm,” and the “music has the power to form character,” the manner of its arrangement being so important, that “the various modes may be distinguished by their effects on character…. one, for example, working in the direction of melancholy, another of effeminacy; one encouraging abandonment, another self-control, another enthusiasm; and son on through the series.” Communism, Hypnotism and the Beatles by David Noebel 1965


Music Seminar–

“How to tell the difference between Heavenly and Satanic Music.” In this seminar you will learn how to “Prove what is acceptable unto the Lord” in the field of music. We have been presenting this seminar since 1993, though through the years it has seen many updates, and improvements. Music has a special effect on each of us, and definitely is a salvational issue, because of the permanent effect it has on character.



Striving for Excellence - How to Evaluate MusicStriving For Excellence – How to Evaluate Music, a Course for Leaders. This booklet and two audio files are one of the best, tools for understanding more in-depth the principles of “How music effects man” at every level. You will want to download the booklet and follow along while listening to the mp3’s.

pdfStriving For Excellence – How to Evaluate Music
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Striving For Excellence – How to Evaluate Music

Playing and Download Instructions:

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Melonie’s Sings in Praise to Her Saviour

To Know Him This album was originally recorded on cassette, and was never intended for anyone but my husband. Why? In 1995 when I was given 3 months to live, because of cancer, my husband wanted me to sing for him. I did most of this recording while laying flat on my back, because I was too weak to stand and sing. During the time of this recording, my husband had started using God’s methods of healing on me, including hydrotherapy, herbs, exercise, and trust in diving power, to name just a few. In three months I was not only still alive, but given a clean bill of health from the doctor, who said I had only three months. Today, I continue to sing, but today I sing “Because He Loves Me.” (Fill my Hand Album)

Fill My Hand – 2001 – Fill my hand is the second CD that Melonie Robanske has made, but the first with her Aunt, Ellen Dana at the piano, playing songs that she wrote many years ago.

One Day Closer – 2002 – One Day Closer is the third CD that Melonie Robanske has made, and the second with her Aunt, Ellen Dana. Truly we are “One Day Closer” every day that goes by.

Songs of a Shepherdess in 1999 we moved, just before Y2K, to the southern Oregon coast, and within a few weeks we had gone from Construction as our line of work to “Forman” of a 3000 acre Ranch with ten’s of thousands of free range state land. We managed 6000 sheep, 450 cows, 325 goats, 50 horses, and close to 50 dogs, while there we had many learning experiences, especially on the subject of the sheep and the goats. We now know why, we are all still suffering day by day on this earth, and Jesus has not come yet. Separating the “sheep” from the “goats” is much harder that it would seem. Someday we may be able to tell you the story.  While on the “ranch” we recorded “Songs of a Shepherdess.”

Some Rain Must Fall – 2002 – Some Rain Must Fall is my personal favorite, as this CD is full of songs of encouragement for the tested and tried. This is the third and final CD of Aunt Ellen Dana’s songs.

Hymns of Dedication 

Oh Divine Redeemer for those of you who love majestic music, this is album is for you. We want to thank our pianist Mahilah Williams for this album for the many long hard hours of recording,

Building For Eternity

Walking In the Kings Highway

Anthems of the Sabbath Vol. 1

Anthems of the Sabbath Vol. 2

I am Resolved

Ceaseless Praise

Psalms 119