Conference Call Recordings

 We have began a new project, the online Friday night study and Sabbath School and Church serves Sabbath morning. We invite all to join us live every Friday at 5:00pm (Pacific time) and Sabbath morning 8:00am (Pacific time) All recorded conference calls will be posted here.
To avoid the trials of those who would join to cause trouble, we do not list the contact information here, to join the conference live please contact us

Sabbath Morning Meetings have been canceled for the summer
due to busy summer schedules.

To Play: Click the name of sermon/study you wish to listen to.
To Download: Right click the sermon/study and then save to download the file.

We are sorry to say that time has not allowed us to keep up with the posting of these studies here, if this page was a help to you, please let us know and we will try to find time to post audio studies again.